Pop bubbles with a lovely frog princess in Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess on Facebook
Renatus team has announced the launch of iOS version of Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess this May. However, one little detail was missing. The motivation behind the plot of the game.
Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess was inspired by the daughter of game developer and her love of fairy-tales, as Renatus Media learned recently. One day he found her drawings of a “lucky frog princess” who was happy to stay a frog forever.
The story goes that cursed princess in frog body wandered around the magical world to get her appearance back but finally she figured out that she is rather happy as a frog. Little girl's fantasy laid the foundation for three-dimensional world of Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess.
The original drawing of the frog could be found here: https://www.facebook.com/renatusgames/posts/457032771066620
This inspirational story led to several publications. One of Bubble Magic 3D players, Jessica made a nice post on Medium, discussing how this little story had an impact on her life. And the other one was the courtesy of InsideSocialGames.
Bubble Magic 3D debuted as online bubble shooter app on Facebook under the publishing brand Renatus in 2013 and the iOS version followed in May, 2014. The game is easily distinguished from the rest of bubble apps due to three-dimensional graphics, fairy-tale plot and its original book-like design of map.
Game features:
- 3D visuals with life-like art
- 3D map coming alive on the screen
- puzzling quests with Tarot cards
- keys to unlock new lands
- book with 99 levels to complete
- hidden challenges and tricks
Bubble Magic 3D: Frog Princess is available on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id859847843
And on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/bubble-magic-game/