Create Healthy Desserts in Yum Yum Fest on Facebook
Renatus Games’ Yum Yum Fest has grown to over 500,000 monthly users on Facebook, with its match-three puzzle gameplay that challenges users to make their way through a series of over 80 levels on a quest to create the best, and healthiest, desserts possible. Developed by Bear games, each level of Yum Yum Fest challenges players to make matches with colorful fruit pieces, like apples and strawberries, to complete each level’s specific goals.
Each level of Yum Yum Fest has a move limit, and its own goal(s). One may simply ask players to earn a large number of points, while another sees fruit resting on top of glass cells. Matches must be made on top of these glass panes to remove them from the screen. A lives system depletes as players fail to complete stages without running out of moves.
Saga (and other match-three games), Yum Yum Fest contains power-up symbols, which are created when making matches of four-or-more like symbols, or matches in L or T shapes. These matches may create striped fruit pieces, capable of clearing whole rows or columns of fruit from the screen, or bomb pieces that explode and eliminate all nearby fruit. A final piece performs as a wildcard, and removes all individual fruit pieces of a single color from the board. When two power-ups are swapped, their effects are combined for large score boosts.
In addition to user-created boosts, players can purchase additional powers, like a spoon capable of clearing any one fruit piece from the board, or a boost that adds five extra moves to the stage. These power-ups are available to purchase with real money, after the free samples run out. Some are available to purchase mid-level, while others, like a candy that clears random glass tiles when activated, must be purchased before starting a stage.
Gamers earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score. Users can replay stages to earn missed stars or increase their high scores, which are compared with friends via level-specific leaderboards.
Yum Yum Fest is available to play for free on Facebook.