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Bear games

The product game studio, founded in 2002 by professional Counter-Strike esportsmen, is a team of professionals with extensive experience in game development. We have done more than 50 projects, worked with many well-known companies.

Our priorities are the quality of games, the transparency of relations with partners, as well as millions of satisfied players!

For the past three years, together with Playrix, and being its official partner, we have been actively developing world-class projects for the well-known Scapes franchises. Having at our disposal all the experience and developments of Playrix, as well as the knowledge and experience in the development of previous projects, we set a common goal - to create projects that win the hearts of millions of players, thanks to which we can all develop professionally and personally.

At the moment, Bear Games is returning to independent product development with the same goals - to create world-class quality games.

Our partners and clients
Sergey Komar, CEO Komargames and KomarArt
Great company, consisting of professionals. Working with them has left very positive impression. Everything was done at the highest level, that in our time is uncommon. We cooperate with Bear games and recommend it to all our partners.
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Vladimir Beliavski, CEO Zenturion GmbH
During our cooperation Bear games Company shows itself as a reliable, highly professional partner. Modern technologies, strong team who easily integrates into projects and more else that distinguishes Bear games from all others. We find that developers are very experienced, well-educated.
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Ilya Vasilyev, Project manager in 2RealLife
Bear games showed its highly competitive advantages on the market of custom mobile and web development. High level of management and organization processes allows the company to stay on top notch of quality, schedule and project budget.
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MyPlacity, Inc
Bear games is one of the best game developers in IT industry who has many years expertise. High expertise and professionalism is the strongest point of company staff. Having years of experience, these guys never rest on their laurels and they always move forward to new achievements.
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